Another Mini Exercise: “Flow Blow”

Flow Blow
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Well, it has been quite some time since my last mini exercise but here you go!

This exercise is a bit tricky to notate. The key thing is the concept behind the exercise. The act of moving the slide shouldn’t impact the way we blow. It is the *music* that should impact the way we blow. In the first two measures, move the slide quickly between 1st and 3rd position while blowing a steady stream of air. The quick slide movement shouldn’t impact the blowing action.

In measures 3-4, play a gliss with a steady sound. The slide should move quickly between positions but that steady air of the first two measures should result in a steady tone (no dip in volume as you change positions) throughout.

In the last two measures. Add the lightest touch of the tongue; just enough to conceal the quick gliss. Keep the air flowing throughout.

Here’s a pdf of Flow Blow

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