Alessi Seminar Notes

In 2007, I was a participant in the Alessi Seminar. Through each master class I wrote notes and blogged them nightly.
As you might expect, a great deal of wisdom was shared. These notes are not a literal transcript since I was not recording. My advice: go to one of his seminars!
Day 1: Sing, Listen
Day 2, (part 1): The Warmup
Day 2, (part 2): Masterclass #1
Day 3, (part 1): Aim and Fire
Day 3, (part 2): Attack and Response
Day 4, (part 1): Rhythm is King
Day 4, (part 2): Singing in the Fast Lane
Day 6: Beat Boxing
Day 7: Be True to the Music
Day 8: Jaw Droppers
Day 9: The Last Day