The Intermediate Trombonist – update log

The first official printing of The Intermediate Trombonist was 5/18/18.
The following small changes were made before the second print run:

    • p.46
      Horizontal lines representing continuation of natural slurs were added to item ‘b’.
    • p.47, #6, line 5
      The position indication for F4 was removed.
    • p.53, #16, line 5
      The position indication for C-sharp3 was removed
    • p.54, #18, line 2, m.3
      Slur extended to final note of measure
    • p.55, top of page
      Text changed. Old: “Some more 16th notes.”
      New: “Some 16th notes in 4/4 time:”
    • pp.64-66
      Text addition, “Up to…” indicating the highest note of the given etude.
    • p.77
      #13, line 4, m.3
      Slight reposition of forte marking
    • p.83, #23, line 3, m.4
      mezzo forte dynamic moved to this pick-up note from following measure
    • p.96, #2, “Goodbye Old Paint”
      Measure numbers removed.
    • p.111, Appendix 1, “Common Pitch Corrections”
      6th and 3rd partial text, “lower” replaced with “extend” for increased consistency throughout book.
    • p.113 Appendix 2, “Developing the High Range”
      Text Change. Old: Try This: “Up and In” New:”In and Up” This word order matches the text of the instructions.
    • p.128 Appendix 7, “22 Tips to Get Better”
      Text correction on #5,
      Old: “Clear in the mind, clear out the of bell”
      New: “Clear in the mind, clear out the bell”