Memories of the Spirit

A composition for three bass trombone soloists and trombone quartet

“Memories of the Spirit” was composed as a memorial to Giselle Ortiz, a member of the Columbus State University Trombone Studio that was taken from this Earth in 2013, way before her time. The premier was done by the CSU Trombone Ensemble at the 2013 International Trombone Festival with James Markey, Denson Paul Pollard, and Charlie Vernon as soloists. The ensemble subsequently recorded this piece on the CD, Full Tilt, and performed it at the 2017 International Trombone Festival in Redlands, California.

This piece is currently sold as an encrypted pdf file through my other website,

Order Here:Memories of the Spirit

Here’s a performance by the CSU trombone ensemble at the Slider Asia festival.