Circadian Suite

This resulted from two commissions: Tennessee Tech (Joshua Hauser) and the University of Delaware (Bruce Tychinski)

This piece is currently sold as an encrypted pdf file through my other website,

Order Here: Circadian Suite for Trombone Octet

Circadian Suite Free Sample Pages

Night Suite [10:30]

  1. Night Falls (…and the goblins emerge) [3:30]

  2. Lying Awake (with persistent thoughts) [3:30]

  3. Amygdala Firing (and no dream is safe) [3:30]

Here is a 2019 performance by the Washington Trombone Ensemble, conducted by Chris Branagan. The video should start directly at the 7:58:51 mark.

Day Suite [9:00]

  1. Fanfare for the New Day (…and you’re late) [3:00]
  2. Leisurely Park Lunch (with a glass of Glass) [4:00]
  3. Driving It Home (and beating the rush) [2:00]
Review of Circadian Suite in the
ITA Journal (Vol.47 No.4, Oct 2019)

“This exceedingly original piece is a great addition to the repertoire for advanced players. I think it will prove to be a popular selection.”