Trombone Craft Complete

We all need to build tone and technique. Why not do it in a more musical way?

Trombone Craft presents a comprehensive approach to building the technical skills needed to play music well.

First Half

A varied diet of one-page assignments.

  • Motivation through musical interest
  • Pieces of reasonable length
  • A greater variety of key signatures.
  • Help with rhythm
  • Cross-referencing to other books
  • Second Half

    Sections focusing on a given area.

    • Developing the legato tongue
    • Building the high range
    • Double tonguing
    • Extra scale patterns
    • Long tones and tuning exercises (including tuning over a drone)
    • Flow exercises (sing, buzz, play)

    Here’s what people are saying…

    This collection of excellent exercises by Brad Edwards gives new fuel to propel our daily routines. Professor Edwards presents these studies using the same concepts of natural slurs and alternate positions that I use in my own playing. A regular visit to this book will undoubtedly help you to play more evenly and consistently and, when used in the precise way that Edwards suggests, will result in your overall improvement. I highly recommend this book to all students and professionals.
    Bravo Professor Edwards!

    Joseph Alessi
    Principal Trombone, New York Philharmonic.

    I recently received copies of Brad Edwards’ new Trombone Craft series. There are a number of things I like about these books. Using both technical and musical settings, he isolates and targets techniques all students must learn. The subsequent etudes are short, efficient vehicles that put the topic into practical use. Good mixed use of keys, meters and rhythms add to the challenge. The books are flexible: you can go straight through the book (best for younger students) or pick and choose to target the needs of the individual student. The appendices provide new fuel for thought useful for all levels of players.

    William Stanley
    Associate Professor of Trombone, University of Colorado, Boulder
    Principal Trombone, Colorado Ballet Orchestra

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