Patterns & Snippets

About Patterns and Snippets for Tenor Trombone:
“Edwards’s excellent creativity encompasses the gamut of of scalar and intervallic patterns. If not his own melodies, first-rate material is used from all genres and instruments.” ITA Journal, Spring 2019

Tenor Trombone: Free sample pages.

About Patterns and Snippets for Bass Trombone:
“Similar to other Edwards’ books, the patterns are not always written out in all 12 keys. Instead, it is up to the player to think and to use their ear in order to “flip” the sequence up or down a half step. Additionally, Edwards dictates few dynamics and tempi, allowing the player freedom to make musical decisions based on their own technical abilities. The book is spiral bound so that it will lay flat on a music stand and is well laid out and easy to navigate. Serving as a great resource to compliment the scale practice of players of all levels, Patterns & Snippets is a welcome and refreshing addition to every trombonist’s practice regimen.” ITA Journal Spring 2019


Bass Trombone: Free Sample Pages

A musical approach to scales and arpeggios

For years I have searched for a scale/arpeggio method that really worked. I found some good approaches but nothing that did exactly what I wanted.
Presumably, we practice scales to become better performers of music. So why are many scale methods so unmusical?
My goal in writing this book was to help musicians develop technique without sacrificing musical spirit.
The book is divided into three sections …

Part One: Melodic Variations (100 pages)

40 examples, each divided into three parts:

      • A: Generic sequence, all 12 keys. Not completely written out.
      • B: Melodic variation ascending by half steps.
      • C: Melodic variation descending by half steps.

Part Two: Stepwise Sequences (40 pages)

40 examples mostly focused on rhythmic challenges.
Motives ascend/descend modally along scale steps.

Part Three: Musical Snippets (40 pages)

40 examples from public domain works or short originals.

Here’s what people are saying about Patterns and Snippets:

“Patterns and Snippets is so addicting I have to force myself to stop. I like how both these books can be used in a targeted approach with specific skills in mind, or just crack them open and get going until you run out of time or chops. Very mentally engaging and afterwards the systems feel great. So thanks again, I will be talking these up with my students.”
Randy Campora, Bass Trombone, Baltimore Symphony

“I love the way Brad Edwards has incorporated all the necessary fundamentals for the trombone with interesting melodies that make my practice routine much more enjoyable. I use it everyday and have had all my students buy it so we can work out it.”
Brian Hecht, Bass Trombone, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

“I just wanted to say how much I love your new book Patterns & Snippets. Fantastic job! I honestly believe in no time at will become as much a staple as Arban for developing technique with a musical mindset.”
Josh Bynum, Trombone Professor, University of Georgia