The Intermediate Trombonist


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Building Blocks for Tone Technique

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The book is divided into five sections …

Daily 6-Minute Warm-Up

Mouthpiece buzzing, tone and slide positions, lip slurs, rhythmic articulation

Part One: Lip Slurs

(20 Progressive Exercises)
This sequence helps students progress smoothly from easy slurs to more advanced material.

Part Two: Pattern-Building

(40 Exercises)
This section not only gives practice with scales but also builds a basic understanding of fundamental concepts such as whole steps and half steps. Many exercises present the same patterns in both familiar and foreign keys.

Part Three: Lyrical Legato

(40 Etudes, duet parts available)
These little etudes help students develop a smooth, singing style. Extra exercises go into detail concerning the use of the legato tongue and natural slurs.

Part Four: Varied Articulation

(40 Etudes, duet parts available)
These provide practice with some details of articulation including accents, tenuto, staccato, and mixing in legato tonguing as well as natural slurs.

Part Five: Simple Tunes in Multiple Keys

(20 Tunes, each in two keys, duet parts available)
These enjoyable little melodies presented in different keys help students develop ‘key sense,’ that ability to think beyond simple slide positions to an understanding of how to transpose interval content into a foreign key.


#1: The Overtone Series and Intonation
#2: Developing the High Range
#3: Introducing the Tenor Clef
#4: Working with the F-attachment
#5: More About Tuning
#6: 22 Tips to Get Better
#7: 10 Practice Tricks that Work

Duet Parts Available!

100 Duet parts sold as an encrypted pdf file. Duets for the following sections: Lyrical Legato, Varied Articulation, Simple Tunes.
Duets are designed for teachers to play along with their students.
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Here’s what people are saying about the Intermediate Trombonist:

There’s a lot about The Intermediate Trombonist that teachers will love, also. This book — like all of Brad Edwards’ books — is well organized and logical. New information is presented in an appropriate order with excellent instructions. Lesson plans will help you know exactly how to organize the exercises throughout the book into 40 progressive lessons.
The Intermediate Trombonist — along with an excellent instructor, a metronome, a tuner, and a way to record yourself — will be a perfect way to move your trombone playing forward to an exciting new level.

Joe Dixon, Nationally Recognized Clinician, San Antonio, Texas

Trombone friends. Trombone teachers. Band directors. Most of you know that I think Brad Edwards’ books are basically gold. Well, I got his new one today, The Intermediate Trombonist: Building Blocks for Tone and Technique, and holy buckets it is freakin’ amazing. There is no other book for young trombonists that comes anywhere near this one in its thorough coverage of every aspect of great trombone playing.
Because I work with kids of all ages every day, I have to pick and choose from the materials at my disposal and compromise at almost every corner because most of the available material is too complicated for really hammering in good habits. The Intermediate Trombonist keeps it simple for longer so good habits can be effectively set and cured and even understood before moving forward. Each topic and point is made easily and concisely and the language does not leave room for bad habits to creep in. Another fantastic feature is the additional encouragement left at the end of each section, noting that the player, having conquered the final exercise, is now ready for the more advanced material contained in another of Brad’s books.
I am so excited to organize a mass purchase of a tall stack of these books so all of my students can devour them!

Shelby Kifer, Bass Trombonist and Educator, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Brad Edward’s, the Intermediate Trombonist, is a MUST-HAVE book for teachers. I just received my copy yesterday and I absolutely love it! Congratulations, Brad, on such a fantastic book. It fills a major void in trombone literature – exercises that fall between beginning literature and advanced literature. Your book is perfect for the age of students that I primarily work with (middle and high school trombonists). I love how it’s laid out, your step by step explanations and wonderful exercises, and your playing tips. As a teacher, it’s very easy to assume students know and understand all of the things contained in your book. It’s so helpful to have clear descriptions and exercises to illustrate how to play the trombone. This book will be “Instrumental” in helping build a super solid foundation for great music making. Thank you for all your efforts in writing this!

Sean Reusch, Trombonist, Educator, Author, San Diego, CA