Bass Trombone Craft

We all need to build tone and technique. Why not do it in a more musical way?

Bass Trombone Craft presents a comprehensive approach to building the technical skills needed to play music well. This isn’t just a transposition of Trombone Craft Complete. It contains sections unique to the bass trombone.

First Half

A varied diet of one-page assignments.

    • Motivation through musical interest
    • Pieces of reasonable length
    • A greater variety of key signatures.
    • Help with rhythm
    • Cross-referencing to other books

Second Half

Sections focusing on a given area.

      • Developing the legato tongue
      • Multiple tonguing
      • Building the high range
      • Double tonguing
      • Extra scale patterns
      • Long tones and tuning exercises (including tuning over a drone)
      • Flow exercises (sing, buzz, play)
      • Introduction to tenor and alto clef for the bass trombonist

      Here’s what people are saying …

      With Brad Edwards’ new book, “Bass Trombone Craft,” the teacher and player have a method that can take a young bass trombone player from the basic introduction of the valves all the way to true mastery of the instrument. The book introduces and focuses on every aspect of bass trombone playing, all in one volume. It is a welcome and needed addition to bass trombone pedagogical material that should be a staple of every teacher’s curriculum.

      Denson Paul Pollard
      Bass Trombone Professor, Indiana University
      Former bass trombonist, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

      This book is formatted exactly the way I wish many other books were…a technique, followed by etudes to reinforce that technique. Etudes frequently are in the middle and mid-low register. These registers are frequently neglected in other technique books; this is a great area of focus. The rhythmic “duet” etudes are well thought-out; they provide a rhythmic accompaniment to the main line. I like the page on Sing, Buzz, Play very much. I wish it was in the front of the book! The suggested supplemental exercises from other material is a welcome aid to students and teachers alike.

      Dan Satterwhite
      Trombone Professor, Lynn University Conservatory of Music
      Artist-Faculty, Brevard Music Center

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